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Ticket Sports Bar Volleyball

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Volleyball is provided for customers only. Every person participating must make a purchase to play. There is a cost to maintain the courts and your purchases help offset that cost. Absolutely no outside beverages or containers (including water) allowed. We provide bottled water for a reduced price.


Volleyball has inherent injury risks, your participation is acceptance of the participation terms and release of liability available online ( and inside the location. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and sign the agreement prior to using these courts. Your failure to read and sign the volleyball court terms and liability release waives your right to any and all legal or civil claims against the owners, management, staff, or other parties operating functions or events.


It is every players responsibility each visit to inspect the court for debris, loose objects, inoperable/damaged equipment, or any dangerous conditions before and after play. If any dangerous conditions are found, discontinue play and report immediately to staff. Resume play only after conditions are remedied.


Only use standard and approved equipment.

Do not make adjustments to equipment without staff approval.

Do not climb or hang on nets or fences.

Do not dig or move sand outside of court.

No food or beverages on courts.
No pets or animals on courts.

No smoking on or around courts.

No outside music or speakers.

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